Fillings / Inlays / Onlay

The primary reason for being prescribed a filling or inlay is due to dental decay which is caused by plaque acids that gradually dissolve away the enamel and dentine of the tooth.

At Andrew Scott Dental Care we only offer tooth coloured fillings (composite), not only do they look better but they also do not carry the associated risks of mercury / silver coloured fillings (amalgam). We also offer the free safe removal of mercury fillings using a filtered air vacuum to remove the vapours given off whilst removing the fillings.

The chewing sufaces of back teeth are particularly vulnerable towards developing cavities and while we can repair small areas of decay with tooth coloured filling material, this may in some cases not be strong enough to mend some larger cavities and this is why we may suggest you have an inlay or onlay.

With an inlay or onlay, we only need to remove a minimal amount of the tooth structure when preparing your tooth. The inlay or onlay is then made to fit exactly into the cavity and is bonded into place, creating a strong hard wearing restoration enabling you to chew without fear of the tooth cracking or chipping. An inlay is designed to repair just the very central part of the tooth whereas an onlay is a bit bigger, repairing one or more of your tooth cusps.