Safe Mercury / Amalgam / Silver Filling Removal

It is widely recognised that traditional silver amalgam fillings contain over 50% mercury in a complex mixture of silver, tin and copper. Though heavily used in dentistry for the past 150 years, mercury vapour is acknowledged as a potent toxin with an affinity for fat and hence ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Mercury is released in vapour form from fillings and this is accelerated at times of chewing, grinding, when bathed in hot liquids and on drilling. It can therefore have damaging effects on our respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine systems.

3% of the UK population suffer from mercury sensitivity i.e.2 million people. The effects can be acute or chronic and can manifest at differing times depending on where the greatest compromise of health and function is taking place in our bodies. Mercury toxicity has been implicated in a number of conditions including: Brain fog Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Multiple Sclerosis Diabetes Arthritis Digestive problems

In May 2017 the E.U voted in favour of ratifying the Minamata Convention on Mercury and has now banned the use of amalgam in children under the age of 15yrs and in pregnant and breastfeeding women. All E.U countries will have to implement plans from 2019 to ensure complete obsolescence of mercury by 2022. Andrew Scott Dental Care are leading the way in offering ultimate protection for patients who wish for alternatives to mercury silver fillings. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Michelle Hickey one of the first mercury safe and biologically aware dentists in Scotland to our team. She is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and practices in accordance with their S.M.A.R.T protocol.

Your first appointment will be a thorough consultation with regard for you as a whole and then with particular focus on your oral health. You may be asked to consent to some small digital radiographs being taken. Should you wish for Galvanic testing, blood testing (IgA IgM serum ,Melisa Test) to be done, this can be arranged with one of our colleagues. Treatment replacement options eg composite fillings, inlays(composite or porcelain) and crowns will be discussed .Following your informed consent a fully itemised treatment plan will be produced for you. On the day of treatment, your mercury filling will be removed in strict accordance with the I.A.O.M.T recommended protocol. The surgery is mercury free and equipped with the IQ Air Filtration System. This is the only filter to guarantee 99.7% of mercury removal in vapour and particulate form.

You will have a pre-operative mouthwash and be protected with a latex free rubber dam which sits over the tooth and effectively isolates it from the oral cavity. We also offer barrier sheets for skin protection and use two high volume suctions ,one above and another below the rubberdam. Dr Hickey uses specific drills and cross sectional cutting techniques to minimise aerosolisation of the mercury particles. Post operatively, there is a further mouthrinse. Supplements for chelation and detoxification are available but best from recognised prescribers. It is important prior to treatment that you are feeling well and on a healthy diet. We will liaise closely with colleagues who are overseeing restoration of your health to ensure all treatments complement each other.